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SecuriLed RC4-RIII 3-mode System Torch
€100.72EUR €90.55EUR
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par Stefan Hult, Police volonteer, Malmö, Sweden Date : 11/06/2012
I have been using my RC4-RIII for four months now and I'm very pleased with it. The ability to dim the brightness is very useful when inspecting something up-close since there is no reflection. The battery also truly lasts for over three hours which is impressive. Over all I really like this flashlight and it's performning very well compared to some over leading brand flashlights that I have purchased earlier...

Rating: 5 étoiles sur 5 ! [5 étoiles sur 5 !]
par Daniel Rezai, Mr, Sverige Date : 26/05/2012
I bought this product since I was in need of an professional and trustworthy flashlight. It does the job and I know that I can trust it when I'll need it! if you want to make an investment - It's worth the money!..

Rating: 4 étoiles sur 5 ! [4 étoiles sur 5 !]
par Robin Zackrisson, Airsoft / Paintball, Stockholm / Sweden Date : 16/04/2012
Been using som different types of regular LED's and Cree's during the last 3-4 years but this one really has more punch than any other I've tried. And yet it is so small and durable. You're not supposed to drop your touch on a rocky surface but accidents easily happends and so it did to me. But a part from minor scrathes to the body it works as good as new! I do recommend it :)..

Rating: 5 étoiles sur 5 ! [5 étoiles sur 5 !]
par Hans Birkholm, Airline Captain, Flensburg Germany Date : 14/04/2012
Hi I have been the proud owner of an RC4-RIII securiled for about 5 months, and until now it has been the best tourch I ever have used. I use it daily in may work as Captain on the MD80, even that we already have a led tourch on the Aircraft, I prefer to use the RC4 as it gives a much better light and you have the possebility to dim the light if needed. The only problem I had with the RC 4 was the charging of the batteries, I find it annoying to remove the batteri for charging, but after I recieved the charging module CM42, I use the adater in my car and now I always have a fully charged battery, it adds about 2 cm to the lenght of the tourch, but in my oppiniun it should be standard equipment. I give the best recommendation to this tourch. Hans Birkholm..

Rating: 5 étoiles sur 5 ! [5 étoiles sur 5 !]
par Johan Wiklund, Flight Captain SAS, Limhamn, Sweden Date : 14/03/2012
I use my Securiled at work and I am very pleased. I work as FlightCaptain on the MD80 at Scandinavian Airlines. It is a demanding environment especially during wintertime.: Between flights we make an extrernal inspection of the aircraft, and that where a good flashlight is essential. I've tried several different types and my assessment is that the Securiled is the right size and gives the right output with the right endurance. I guess it´s a matter of balancing the different performance factors... It also comes in handy as a light to my bicycle and when servicing my old motorcycle! I keep on recommending it to my colleges at work! All I lack at the moment is an engraving , so i have a chance of getting it back if I misplace it... (The local engraver is about to get a visit!)..

Rating: 5 étoiles sur 5 ! [5 étoiles sur 5 !]
par Thomas Schreiber, Jagd, Deutschland Date : 04/10/2011
Ich bin begeistern von dieser Lampe. Ein ideales Hilfsmittel bei der Nachsuche auf beschossenes Wild in der Nacht. Ich kann es jedem empfehlen...

Rating: 5 étoiles sur 5 ! [5 étoiles sur 5 !]
Voir de 1 à 6 (sur 6 critiques) Page :  1 
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SecuriLed RC4-RIII 3-mode System Torch
I bought this product since I was in need of an professional ..
4 étoiles sur 5

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