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SecuriLed tactical Piccolo Battery tube shortest hi-power LED-flashlight

SecuriLed Piccolo Tube SET

NOTE! This product is an accessory to Customers already owning a SecuriLed RC4 or RC6 Flash-light

Due to SecuriLed RC-family System Standards most parts are interchangeable between different versions RC-Flashlights.
That means you can rebuild or modify each torch to your own need.

The SecuriLed Piccolo Tube can transform your RC4/RC6 flashlight into the shortest high-power Tactical Torch on the Planet!

The Piccolo-set consist of a Contact Washer, CM42 Charger Module, the Piccolotube and a SecuriLed Verified protected 900mAh Li-Ion 18350 with PCB.

By exchanging your standard RC4/RC6 battery tube with a Piccolotube you can get a less than 10cm fully functional Tactical Torch with the same power output Torch as your original RC4/RC6, however with about 50% reduced operating time.
But it still can run for 1h20min (RC4-RII 200Lm), 6h (RC4-RIII 50Lm mode) or 24h RC6-IV 10Lm mode. Not bad for such little Flash-light.

Piccolotube with RC6 and lower Tail-cap lid

Piccolotube with RC4-RII and flat Tail-cap


As the 18350 Li-Ion battery is about half length compared with standard 18650, it also means the standard SecuriLed Battery Cradle can not be used when charging.
Therefore we include the CM42 Charger module (also available separately) as charging device.

When charging is needed, simply attach the CM42 between Torch head and Piccolo Tube and connect the 3,5mm charger-pin cable.
Remove the CM42 after charging if you prefer the torch super-short or keep it on for easy charging.


RC4-RII with Piccolotube

RC4-RII with mounted CM42 and Piccolotube

The Piccolo option is suitable for anyone that want a really small flash-light, but still want the performance of a big "bad" Tactical Torch.
This will be the perfect everyday companion as it easily fits every pocket.

Other suitable use is gun-mount on smaller weapons (compliant with our weapon-mounts) or for concealed carriage of Torch.

Piccolo/RC6 in hand

Piccolo/RC4 versus normal RC6




Why go for less?


Denna produkt inkom i vårt sortiment den måndag 26 november, 2012.
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Perfekt som present eller för att personifiera din RC4/RC6!

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