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SecuriLed RC6-IV

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Product information SecuriLed tactical Torch LED flashlight solution RC6-IV

560 Lumen SecuriLed Tactical LED Torch System Model RC6-IV 
(Type specifics: 2800mA 4-mode Driver, 560LM, 185LM , 10LM and Low battery warning mode

This is the The RC6 Professional 560LM High Power Output LED System-torch 4 Driver-mode Model.

No fuzz, no bling-bling, only pure durability and top performance lighting dressed in a clean "Scandinavian" look.

This is the "upgraded" version of our popular RC4 model.
New 10W Cree XM-L diode, New Reflector, Driver, housing etc.
Still 100% compatible with SecuriLed RC-family standard meaning that we have same holster, chargers, tail-caps, batteries, lens-covers etc, as the proven and popular RC4 flash-light.

This means you can easily swap parts, repair, rebuild and upgrade between different RC generations and models.
(Basic idea for our SecuriLed System Standard*)

You can download complete PDF Product & Safety E-manual on the links below.
Please read them through before you use the RC6 as it is a VERY powerful Torch and can possibly harm both humans and property if missused.

RC6-IV Product & Safety Manual






Built to last!  Torch has been manufactured to withstand extreme situations and and have been thoroughly tested.

It is IP68 Certified and complies to Directive 2004/108/EC of the European Parliament regarding EMC, electromagnetic compatibility and is CE Certified.  (Main market is Europe, but the torch also comply to UL, North-American safety standard)



Outer Packing

Inside the box   *contents look can change

RC6 Tactical LED System version IV (RC6-IV)

Complete Kit consist of RC6-IV Torch,  110-240V  AC European Wall socket charger (US charger available on request), 12-24V DC Car charger, Battery Cradle,
7cm belt loop Velcro Holster, 2600mAh 3,7V Protected  18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery, Flat Tail-Cap Lid,  EN/FR/DE/SE Downloadable Manual and a complete extra set of Silicone O-rings.

Above light-beam projections on a white wall. 560LM mode (Left), 185LM mode (Mid) and 10LM mode (Right)

The aluminium reflector divides the light into a bi-polar beam with around 20% wide spread and 80% centred light for longer throw. This will optimize beam performance to give the Torch a superior operating range of around 300 meter and still be suitable for short range area lighting.

Lighting Modes
The Super-performing CREE XM-L T6 produces a intense constant light beam with documented light strength of 560 Lumen when used in full power mode. By pressing the switch temporarily down (around 1 second interval) you can change between different light-modes. Mid-mode is 185LM and Low-mode is 10LM.
Practically the 185LM mode is the normal operating mode as it produces excellent light with a run-time of about 3 hours on a fully charged 18650 battery.
The MAX-mode of 560LM gives superior lighting for about 50 minutes, but then the torch will get hot. Use it when you need it!
The 10LM Low power mode is excellent to use as reading light and will run for about 48 hours.

Light beam intensity is constantly held by the LED-driver until the battery voltage is getting below warning level and low-battery warning mode occurs. Then the light beam will dim down to around 5 Lumen (standard flash-light strength) and a negative flash occurs every 5 seconds. The Low battery mode continues around 20-30 minutes and will give the user time to change battery before final shut-down. 

Driver Memory
The Driver memorises the last light mode used when shutting off and will start with the same mode next time the torch is turned on.
This means the user can pre-select wanted "start-up" mode so the torch will always start up with user specified light strength.

Temperature regulation

As the RC6 can produce extreme light it will also produce quite some heat. (Torch surface temperature can reach around +60°C)
That is why we use a temperature regulated Driver.
This means the torch will shut-off if the Driver senses a over-temperature situation.
This is due safety and will only happen in situations when MAX-mode have been used for prolonged time and no heat exchange takes place.
NOTE! If this happens, light is restored by manually switching to a lower light mode.

RC6 details: Temperature warning and lanyard hole (Left), Model number and IP68 Mid), Disassembled RC6, no tools required (Right)

So what's the difference from other Brands?

Well, The SecuriLed RC-family is not only a super-performing compact Tactical LED-Torch.
It is in fact the first LED Torch System available on the market!

All parts are exchangeable,renewable and compatible with upcoming models, parts and special features.
Use it as it is or re-build it to fit your own purpose with our array of parts, modules and accessories.

The Flash-light is built to endure the worst kind of beating but all parts can still easily be exchanged or replaced without any tooling.
This is due to the superior parts standard and "weapon quality" of the SecuriLed System Concept.

Every single SecuriLed RC4 flash-light has a serial-number engraved on the side.
This means your flash-light is unique and will be traceable when registered in our database.
(by doing this + writing a Customer product review, all our customers are entitled to one (1) year extended warranty)

One other aspect is SAFETY!
Lithium-Ion cells gives the best available power output, but these cells can be quite dangerous if mistreated.
That is why we designed the torch with extra safety measures as safety contact-rings, tail-cap with gas-grooves, battery anode crash-protection and off course PCB-protected SecuriLed approved 18650 Cells.

We are so sure about the quality we can offer a free sample to organisations, companies or clubs for testing.
(based on Minimum Order Quantity, MOQ, of 32pcs). Please contact us for more information.

Below some neat pictures showing some details and configurations

Torch Tail-Cap options

  White diffuser

Battery contact safety

Piccolo-set (to make it the shortest & strongest in the world


RC6 with mounted Charger Module CM42


Recharging Information

The RC6 model comes with a included SecuriLed rechargeable and PCB-protected 3,7V 2600mAh 18650 Li-Ion battery.

The intelligent switching power supply charger has an charging current of DC 4,2V- 1A.
The charger diode shows when charger cycle is completed.
One charging cycle takes around 3 hours for a depleted 18650 battery.

When the charger is in passive mode (no charging current) the diode is green.
When in charging mode ( charging current supplied) the diode turns red.

The Charger has built in

  • Short circuit protection
  • Over current protection
  • Over voltage protection
  • Stops charging when battery is fully charged

Every SecuriLed RC6 model can be run on either 1 single rechargeable 18650 cell, rechargeable 18350 or on 2pcs Lithium CR123A.


Manufacturers use different methods when stating light output.

Sometimes figures are estimated, calculated or measured during non-realistic conditions.

We show only measured light output in Lumen / LM from a standard RC6 torch


Please have a look and download the technical manual available in English, French, German and Swedish.

It is VERY important as it have safety instructions on how to use this fine torch.

The RC6 is a professional Tool, not a Toy, and you are obliged to read the manual before use!

Please klick on the link to download manual in PDF format.

English Manual

German Manual

French Manual

Swedish Manual

Why go for less?

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Our New High performance 560LM RC6 is AVAILABLE NOW!

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