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CM42 Laddar Modul

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SecuriLed CM42 Charger Module RC4 RC6 Torch

SecuriLed RC4 Accessory: Charger Module CM42

Some Customers have requested a way to recharge the RC4 without removing the battery.
The solution is the Charger Module CM42.

The CM42 is to be permanently placed between the head and the battery tube.

Top: RC4 with CM42 mounted mounted on a RC4  --  Bottom: The CM42 with displayed charger hole

Due to SecuriLed System Logic, this is easily done by simply detach the Torch head from the battery tube, insert the Contact Washer and then screw the CM42 clockwise into the head and attach the battery tube last.

We recommend you to always place the included Contact Washer between Head and CM42 as some early generation RC4's might otherwise have cathode connection problems.

The Torch will be slightly longer after this modification, but it will still fit the original holster as the tail will protrude from the bottom of the holster.

Lift sealing rubber ring to charge the Torch

The CM42 is using a 3,5mm round-pin charger connector, same standard pin as SecuriLed RC4 standard charger.
The Pin hole is protected by a strong silicone sealing ring that will make the charger-hole waterproof but still allow for gas release in case of overpressure inside the Flashlight.

When battery needs to be charged, lift the sealing silicone ring at the Flash-arrow position, plug in the charger-pin. The battery will now be charged.

Note! Driver head module circuit will be disconnected and power circuit will be reversed during charging.
That means the Torch needs to be switched ON for charging. (To allow back-flow circuit)
The charging circuit will otherwise be unclosed and no charging will take place.


RC4 with CM42 in wall-mount RM1

RC4 with CM42 during charging

The benefit of using a CM42 is that the battery never needs to be taken out for charging.

Charger indication will be same as for normal charging. A green LED means no or completed charging (no active current) and a red LED means charging in progress.

Note! Accumulator life is dependant on charging cycles. Better to make complete charging cycles than short burst charging as this will reduce battery life.

Comparison normal RC4 versus RC4 with mounted CM42


If you order a new RC4/RC6 and a CM42 and want them pre-assembled from us, please state so at the text message box during order.




Denna produkt inkom i vårt sortiment den onsdag 09 november, 2011.
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